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Gebni Food Ordering App

User Experience Design of dynamically-priced mobile food ordering app

  • Team:  1 designer, 2 developers

  • Status:  Live (iOS, Jan 2017)

  • Role:  Full redesign of mobile app UX, UI, and visual design.  Observational and interview-based user testing.  Design of promotional print and digital materials.

Seashells (Web and Plugin)

User Experience Design for the pivot to a browser plugin and website

  • Audience: Online shoppers (roughly 25-50 years old)

  • Objective: Drive traffic to partner ecommerce sites with a cash back incentive if they use the Seashells promotion code at checkout.

  • Solution: A browser plugin and parallel website that pushes the user through the linearized process of applying the Seashells promo code, allows users to review past purchases, and subtly reminds them to shop/earn again.

  • Methods: Competitive analysis, storyboarding, user flow creation, high-fidelity wireframing

  • Materials: Axure RP software, Adobe Photoshop, Pen and paper

Gotham Space Agency - Character Creation

User Experience Research and Design for the character creation portion of Gotham Space Agency's website.

  • Audience: Middle school students

  • Objective: Engage students to create character designs for 3D printed "astronauts" to go into space in a commercial satellite. Should include a voting system and social media (Instagram) integration.

  • Solution: Cloud of character designs organized by featured/popular/new designs which leads the user to create their own character design in a step-by-step linear process that integrates mini lessons about real astronaut training and team member roles.

  • Methods: Competitive analysis, storyboarding, interviews with parents and middle school students, persona creation, user flow creation

  • Materials: Axure RP software, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Pen and paper


Pleeky Online Store

User Experience Research and Design for an online store specializing in handmade geeky plush toys.

  • Audience: Geeks and plush toy collectors who desire plush toy versions of niche media.

  • Objective: Fill gaps in the geek plush toy market.

  • Solution: An ecommerce site featuring geeky plush toys by type or genre.  Also provides an option to commission a specific plush toy design.

  • Methods: Online survey, one-on-one interviews, paper prototyping, observation, user testing prototypes by feature and throughout the site

  • Materials: Typeform online survey, paper prototyping, Axure RP software, Photoshop, Illustrator, Pen and paper


User Experience Research and Design for a mobile app concept for commuters on public transportation

  • Audience: Commuters on public transportation.

  • Objective: Save commuters the trouble of checking public transportation apps/websites for delays.

  • Solution: Provide targeted public transportation alerts customized to the user's commute route and time, delivered directly to the user's smartphone notifications.

  • Methods: One-on-one interviews, paper prototyping, remote user testing

  • Materials: Prototyping On Paper mobile app, Pen and paper

Web design for an international construction project management consultancy

  • Audience: Construction developers looking for an experienced project manager

  • Objective: Tastefully but assertively present the range and scale of Shwu Chen' s past projects to a corporate audience.  "On time, under budget."

  • Solution: Easily navigable website with a world map of projects, as well as Shwu Chen's CV and a table of past project specifications.

  • Methods: Competitive analysis, card sorting, mind mapping, paper prototyping, persona creation

  • Materials: HTML, CSS, paper and pen

Web design for an international traveling concierge service

  • Audience: Traveling groups and individuals looking for a third party to "take care of things."

  • Objective: Present the various traveling services of the company and provide a simple way to book. Emphasize that the companion travels with the client, books tickets to events, and/or provides local informal tours of the company's Dubai headquarters.

  • Solution: One-page scrolling site with bullets for each of the possible roles the company can fulfill. Email contact at the bottom.

  • Methods: Competitive analysis, mind mapping, paper prototyping, user interviews

  • Materials: HTML, Twitter Bootstrap, CSS, paper and pen

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With a Masters of Science in Integrated Digital Media from New York University's Tandon School of Engineering, I complete all projects with an eye toward improving the user's experience and clean, clear aesthetics.


Previous experience includes web design and user experience design, as well as non-digital media like print advertising design and mixed media products.


The work above follows the practice of user-centered design. 

The process takes advantage of short test cycles and out-of-the-box thinking to provide an intuitive 

experience for the user.


With each project, we start with a grounding in research, ideate and iterate for the ideal solution, then prototype and test for the best executable product. We take an emotionally intelligent approach to every person involved in the project, from the user to the members of my team to the other departments working on the project.

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With working knowledge of the limitations of HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and Swift

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